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Dr Rob Pasch DDS MSc General Practitioner uses Planas Direct Tracks (PDT) to correct deciduous malocclusions, so the patient’s growth and development are normalized. The correction involves changing the shape of the deciduous teeth so the bite is normalized and function corrected. This results in normal corrected facial development.


PDTs work by opening the anterior teeth and centring the lower jaw to help correct growth. Dr Rob Pasch advises that you eat a fibrous diet during your treatment. This helps in changing facial and dental growth by altering your chewing action. The more fibrous food you include in your diet, the more time you will spend chewing, and this will ensure correct facial and dental development. Reach out to Dr Rob Pasch if you need more information on this treatment; he would be happy to help you.

Dentition Tooth Diagram with before and after pictures


“The earlier a malocclusion is corrected the better and the simpler” - Dr Ramirez

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