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Growth is multifactorial, involving genetic, environmental, and habitual influences. A phase one or even a pre-phase one orthodontic assessment looks at these factors. As a general practitioner, Dr Pasch and other general practitioners, who are cognizant of the facial and dental results these influences have on facial beauty, may suggest behavioural or environmental changes to correct a bad developmental path to one that will resolve to one that leads to improved dental and facial growth. Some of these corrections are listed below:

This growth guidance appliance is a functional appliance which stimulates correct facial development and beauty.

PDT (Planas Direct Tracks) Treatment is used to correct various malocclusions in the pre pubertal patients.  

Environmental influences such as digit habits or tongue thrust may lead to misalignment of teeth, speech impairments etc. Corrections in these situations is suggested. 

Wearing braces is not ALWAYS enough to get the perfect smile, there are other appliances that focus on pre and post CORRECTION care. Expanders are used before the braces to create space. Retainers are worn to retain new or existing oral positions either before or after corrective appliances. 


Dr Rob Pasch DDS MSc General
Practitioner can discuss corrective treatment alternatives

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